Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Step 2 - Fresh Coat of Paint

Well, I am well into the second step of transforming a very open basement into a new Sewing Studio!  The difference is amazing!  It looks even bigger now that the ugly gray is covered with a pretty sort of antique white!!!

As with most projects, you think you want to go from A to B, but then there is always going from A to B to C in the back of your mind.  This project is no different.  A to B means that just the Sewing studio portion of the basement would get a fresh coat of paint, A to C means the entire basement gets a fresh coat of paint.  So, you guessed it - I just can't stop!!!!  I must do the other walls and the bathroom while I am at it!!!! So, it will be a few more days before I can post a true "Done Step 2" update!!!

In the meantime, I was able to put music in the space and so now I'm just hopping while working to some great XM Radio!  How cool this is!    See it dangling there??? :-)

And below is the nice toasty fire!!!!  And check out that Chimney!!!  No more dark gray and black!


And take a look here. See??? There is no way I can just stop in the middle of the wall just because it won't be a part of the sewing studio!!!   

Have a great day and thanks for following me during this fun project!!!!! 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Step 1 on New Studio - Complete!!!

Woo, Hoo!!!!

What a TREAT to have such a toasty, warm and very spacious place to work in!!!!  I'm very happy for the great job Allen Hulbert's Plumbing and Heating of St. Albans did!!!  They made quick work of it, very professional - left everything so clean and neat it was hard to see anyone had been there, but for the new Heater installed and some fixed plumbing!!!!  A big shout out to anyone in St. Albans looking for a plumber - you can't go wrong!!!!

So, here it is!!!!
Next Step - painting the walls!!!! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Sewing Studio???? Oh My!!!

Today, March 23rd, 2016 marks a monumental occasion in the history of CaDi Corners, LLC in St. Albans Vermont.

Up until now, all the shipping for CaDi Corners LLC has been in a very small room in the house.  But today, (and the noise is quite the testament!) a new studio is beginning to take shape!  Step 1 is the installation of a gas heater that looks very much like a fireplace in the location I have been encouraged to use for CaDi Corners studio. 

I have a great big open basement with outside entrance and everything!!!  Soon, it will be transformed!  I even have before pictures to share - soon!  Step 2 will be painting - and yes, it is sitting here on the floor waiting until the plumbing is completed!!!!

So, what I wanted to share with you all today, is that within a not yet determined number of weeks, we will be in full swing.  And I hope you will join me on this very exciting journey.

One of the neat things that happened today is that my plumber (yep, I needed to get some of that done first!) told me his mom, who recently passed, has a bunch of fabric that he would like to donate to CaDi Corners!!!  What this means is that during our grand opening and beyond, we will have some opportunities for ladies to make up quilts, blankets, pillow cases and more that will be donated to several different charities!!! I'm so excited to be able to honor his mom in this way and know it will be a fun time to boot!!!!

So, that is it for today!  I suspect you will hear more in the days and weeks ahead!  Thank you in advance for joining this journey with me. I hope you will leave a comment or two letting me know what you might like to see in this space!
The wall where a fireplace will be!!!
And Future Home of Little Miss Lovey - our Gammill Longarm

Home of the Future Fabric Corners and Workroom!