Saturday, September 3, 2016

Block Party Update !!!

Wow! It is September already!  Summer is coming to an end in Beautiful Vermont.  I recently started a new job (you know, the one that pays for my happy hobby!!!!) and every morning I get to round a corner on the only highway that runs through Vermont and see the most beautiful scene of Camel's Hump.  My most favorite mountain in the entire state!  I hope to take a picture but here is one I found that was taken from the 'other side' of the mountain and of course is the snowy scene I just can't wait to see again.  If you are going to live in Vermont, you need to love winters - which I do!!!!

Ahh, but I digress!  I finally finished the Pictogram Block Party Quilt by Judy Nowicki.  What a fun time I had with the class! We met almost weekly through the summer.  We learned so much about our Embroidery Machines!  The placement functionality is so critical in a quilt like this.  Each block had at least 3-4 placements.  We all found the Frixion Gel Pens SO wonderful for these blocks.

Here is the top draped over my couch.  The quilting ideas are flowing.  Each block will be custom quilted!  I have a few quilts to put on Little Miss Lovey before this one.  Hopefully it will be on the machine in a couple of weeks!

I'm already starting the next quilt. I tested thread colors to go with "Walking On Sunshine" by Wilmington Prints.  Fabric is available on My first sample is shown here on the left.  The CDs and thread packs will be available soon.  I'm going to start with a wall hanging and I want to use the cool new Embroidery Batting

Happy Stitching!!