Saturday, August 8, 2015

Embroidery Club at Cowles

Today we held our first Embroidery Club Meeting at Cowles Quilting in St. Albans Vermont.  It was so fun to be with everyone!  I am happy to report that we had our share of technical FUN!  Of course not everyone would describe it that way, but whenever we have a problem we get to learn from (and that is exactly what happened today)  I consider it FUN!!!

We learned that when we have a really large USB drive, it can take a long time for the sewing machine to read the files on it!  But alas, the USB did work on that machine.  Boy, was it handy having Brian around today!!  He was able to fix an embroidery arm that fell so the student was able to enjoy completing both projects!  Our hero for sure!!!

We completed a cute USB zipper pouch in the hoop and a lace coaster, learning about stabilizers and hooping techniques.  

I am really looking forward to next month. Applique Quilt as you go technique will be used to complete an autumn themed wall hanging.  Stay tuned because I will be blogging as I put this one together!