Saturday, September 19, 2015

Just Have TOO many Fun things to work on!!!

It seems I am getting off to a very slow start on this thing called blogging.  But Fall is here and soon the snow will fly here in beautiful Vermont!  So before we get too much snow and before the VAST trails open, I must get these projects of mine finished!!!

So, updates....

The Sister Project:  A blue Quilt for mom.  As you might recall, she used her embroidery machine as she was recuperating from a broken arm last winter to create the centers of the blocks that Cathy and I built a quilt block around.  We found the blue floral print to be excessively stretchy and it has been a pain to work with, but the blocks are coming out beautiful. It is still on my list of to-do's before Christmas (and boy, that is coming faster than you think!!!)  This is what it will look like when it is completed.

Part of the reasons for the delays is the Embroidery Club that started at Cowles Quilting in St. Albans.  What a fun group we have!!!!  Preparing for this is taking a little more time, but you can be sure if you join this club, there will be projects unlike any you see in other fabric shops.  In October we learned the value of Wash-Away thread, the Hoop Sisters Trim A Block By George and about how density can become a problem if the digitizer is not careful when they create the embroidery.  Here is my end result for this month's class.

It seems there is also a growing interest in creating digitized embroidery files and so I am planning to start up a Digitizing Club in October.  There are many software packages out there and I have been exposed to several of them.  I intend to tailor the class to be inclusive of the most popular packages such as PE Designer 10, 6D and MBX.  Each of these packages have similar functionality, they just work a little differently in each.  We should have some fun!!!

Topics I intend to explore include Lettering, Applique, Cross Stitch, Photographs.  Be sure to drop me a note here if you are interested in joining this group.

So, I will end for now and pick one of these projects and get going!!!!

Happy Stitching, My friends!