Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Table Runner

Such a Fun time of year!!! I'm jamming in as much sewing as I can before the snow flies, because once the snow is here I'm off to the trails!!!! How I LOVE to snowmobile!!!!  Can't wait!!!  And this year, I must, must, must get my grandsons Paul and Kevin on them!!!

But, since there is no snow in Vermont just yet (except of course there is some on some of the very tops of the mountains)  I decided to do a little more digitizing.   I learned a BIG lesson on this one because I used it in our embroidery club that meets at Cowles Quilting in St. Albans the first Saturday of each month.  Everyone has a different type of embroidery machine and well, I will explain that one later. :-)

So, this is an applique file that I have in 2 sizes.  It was making it for the 4" hoop that caused me some challenges, but I do believe I've got it!!!

Here is my first stitch out:
I wanted a little more definition at the top of the candle and I wanted a little shine on the balls, so I made those little adjustments.  Here is the final on the Longarm machine and in metallic thread.  I love how it glitters!!!

So the big digitizing lesson I learned was that even though a digitizing software says it can export your file in a different format, for example, bring a .VP3 file in and save it as a .EXP format, it really does not do a good job of it.  You must always go back to the raw file to export.  This means that if you intend to do some tweaking of stitches AFTER you export, you will need to tweak each format exactly the same.  To avoid this, take advantage of doing all the tweaking before the export.  It causes you to have to plan more, that's for sure!!!!

Happy Digitizing!!!!