Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Do I study OR Sew???? How about BOTH!

Well, as you know, I am taking college classes online and so there has been a daily struggle for when my sewing studio was upstairs alas, I did not have room to study.  I had to run the length of the house from kitchen to sewing room between school work and sewing projects.  And of course the only time I could do both was when I was keeping my machine busy with embroidery.

Well, take a look!  I have room to do both!!!  That great table my dad made me with coffee, homework where I can keep an eye on the embroidery!

All three of these machines got quite the workout yesterday and on the back wall there will be yet a fourth when my Longarm is delivered!!!! 

Look you even get a sneak peak at block number 5 in the Block Party Quilt! Ahh, but there is a story there. The block you see on the machine alas ended up in the 'oops' bag.  I got way to anxious to complete it and on the very last hooping, made a big mistake.  But do not despair, I managed to complete it just moments ago.   It's coming in the next post!!!!

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