Tuesday, April 19, 2016

In My Studio!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Dear Readers,

I know it has been a while, but I am happily in the studio and finding it SO nice to have a space that is so organized and spacious!!!!  I just have to figure out what I want on the floor and ceiling. But that can wait because I have sewing to do!!!!  I'm sure you can understand!

Here is the main Work Area.    My dad made the pine table and I love having it in the studio!  My dad was a really wonderful man, full of energy.  He started college late in life and became a school teacher.  He was an awesome wood worker and I am so grateful to have some items he made for me over the years. 
 This is a picture of the work area from the other angle.  See how much room I have?  Way over in the corner is where I put the shipments together for the Online purchases at www.cadicorners.com.  I even have an antique rocking chair for those chill out moments and hand sewing parts of the projects I work on.  Did I tell you have piped in XM Radio??? I'm so happy about that!!!!

And this, my dear friends is the new home for Little Miss Lovey!!!! My Statler Longarm which is soon to be delivered!!!!  Can't wait for that to be tucked in nice and neat!!!!

That is it for this post!!!!!
Come back and see what I'm working on!

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